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Computer Aided Translation


Our company was founded in connection to our most significant project: our team started developing memoQ, an integrated translation environment for a startup, called Kilgray, in 2005. We have been actively developing the product line with Kilgray ever since. memoQ consists of desktop, server backend, and web components, helping translation agencies to manage translation projects, organizing teamwork in projects, and enhance the productivity of linguists with the help of text editing, language processing and quality assurance functionalities. The software is among the most prominent translation support systems today.

Data Representation for Corrosion Diagnostics

Corrocont Group

CORROCONT Group is one of the market leaders in Hungarian and international corrosion protection services. Their main area of operation is cathodic protection and diagnostics of metal surfaces in various installations of the oil and gas industry. Our cooperation included the design and implementation of a web-based solution that enables the visualization and presentation of the diagnostic results on an interactive graphical interface to the clients of CORROCONT. The main goal of the application was to visualize the data series reflecting the state of the cathodic protection in a format allowing to identify easily the location of the sections that are in critical state from the point of view of corrosion protection.

Application for Helping Interpreters

A LEX EXPERT Technical Translation

A LEX EXPERT Technical Translation Ltd. is dealing with tasks related to translation, interpretation, and education. Our work was carried out under the umbrella of governmental project GINOP-2.1.7, where we created a computer tool that can help the work of simultaneous translators. The application processes audio input using a speech recognition module; the text recognized this way is further processed by a CAT tool able to provide online translation memory and term base hits. The recognized text all along with the numbers in it and the translation results produced from are shown to the interpreters with minimal delay in an esthetical form.

Simulation Environment for Offshore Wind Farms

ECN part of TNO

We won a European tender to provide software engineering services to the Wind Energy department of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (ECN part of TNO). ECN part of TNO is a leader in Offshore Wind Energy R&D, with offshore logistics and cost optimization being one of its key activities

ECN Install

One legacy product created by the client performs analysis on wind farm installations, allowing experimenting with different choices of vessels, installation bases, and planning, taking into account possible weather conditions to calculate the range of possible costs and times to completion. We re-implemented and extended this system using the UWiSE engine, which also allowed the client to model more sophisticated scenarios, such as construction of components in a port. We are currently working with TNO to build both a new user-friendly web user interface and a more powerful modelling language for offshore wind farm installation processes.

ECN Despatch

This support has included designing and building the Unified Wind Farm Simulation Environment (UWiSE) through understanding the requirements of researchers and consultants at TNO. This application is a simulation environment working in the time domain with variable, adaptive steps that allow simulating the various logistics work processes involved in constructing and operating offshore wind farms. Using this environment, our client can calculate the expected costs, produced energy and resource requirements for complex scenarios under different weather conditions. We also created a desktop-based debugging interface, which is used to visualise the processes and events occurring during the simulation.

Offshore Logistics Simulation Engine

During our co-operation we have taken a prototype system built by the client, which produces optimised maintenance plans for daily operation of offshore wind farms, and re-built it to run with UWiSE. We also implemented TNO’s specifications for a user-friendly desktop user interface, which allows prospective users to input forecast weather, task lists and available resources, and either experiment with building their own plans and viewing the results, or running an optimisation.

Cloud-native Kubernetes-hosted microservice web application


For one of our customers, we developed, from scratch, a cloud-native microservice-based web application hosted and operated in Kubernetes. We are not only developing both the backend (using ASP.NET Core and Go) and the frontend (in React) but also operating the system in Kubernetes. This system was built with scalability and maintainability at its core. Although the system is hosted in Azure, the dependence on the cloud provider is minimal to avoid any vendor lock-in. All application components are built on state-of-the-art open-source technologies, like Elasticsearch, Redis, MongoDB, and Prometheus. We are proud to have operated this system for 6 months with less than 30 minutes of downtime.

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